Paintless Dent Repair Marietta

Dents, dings and body panel creases in your vehicle aren’t just an eyesore, they also weaken the structural integrity of your car, truck or van.

That’s why all major automotive manufacturers recommend Paintless Dent Repair. You see, the traditional “body-shop” approach to repairing automotive dents is to drill a hole, pull

the dent, fill the hole with a synthetic filler (such as “Bondo”), then re-prime the affected area, re-paint and re-seal the body panel. And while all that work and time and effort and cost may make your vehicle look good as new . . . it’s not. In fact, the structural integrity of the vehicle has been forever changed—and not for the better.

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Dwight Schmidt trusts his truck to DentVanishAtlanta

In contrast, Paintless dent repair requires no drilling, no grinding, no sanding or fillers or repainting or anything else that can negatively affect the paint finish or the structural integrity of your vehicle’s body panel. Instead, paintless dent repair technicians use unique tools and specialized training to gently push or flex the steel body panel back to its factory designed specifications. In this way, the integrity of your vehicles body is restored and your paint finish remains original.

Save Hundreds of Dollars on Paintless Dent Repair Marietta

Another great feature of paintless dent repair is that it can save you hundreds of dollars compared to having a local body shop repair your dent. Since paintless dent repair requires no drilling, sanding or painting there are no of the associated costs. Additionally, because paintless dent removal is so fast, you can drive your newly dent-free car within minutes vs. the days it takes to get your car back from a body shop.

Structural Integrity, Cost Savings and Fast Repairs—Paintless Dent Repair Marietta by DentVanishAtlanta

With so many reasons to choose a mobile paintless dent repair service over that of a traditional body shop, why would you consider anything less?

Get your dent, ding or crease removed from your personal or commercial vehicle today.

Save money. Save time. Enjoy the convenience that DentVanishAtlanta provides.

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